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Dr. Pfefferle contributes a great deal of his personal time helping children in countries all over the world. Since his forced retirement, he has increased his travels and activities now that he can't actually perform "hand's on" dentistry. Dr. Pfefferle misses being able to do the dentistry, but now derives a great deal of satisfaction from not only planning trips, but in taking and teaching dental students to do what he loved to do so much. "I was told that God will never close a door without opening a window, and all I can tell you, is that there are many, many windows in God's house!"

Recent Trips

Republic of Belarus - Dr. Pfefferle travels to Belarus as part of the American Belarussian Relief Organization (, where he works with people who continue to suffer from the ill-effects of the Chernobyl nuclear explosion of 1986.



John Santa and orphan Cherakov

The first patient in the dental clinic

Patient that came to see Dr. Pfefferle at the bus station


Vietnam - Dr. Pfefferle travels to Saigon with a dentist who escaped from Vietnam during the war. She formed Dental Mission for Children, and Dr. Pfefferle has traveled as a team member since 2002.






Hair Pulling



Orphans in Vietnam


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Mexicale, 2005...Teaching trip for 5 dental students from MUSC

These pictures are from Mexico, with Dental Community Fellowship, a ministry with dental students from the Medical University of South Carolina.

Reynosa, 2002... Medical Mission trip from Grace Community Church


Berta in chair


Please sit still


Honduras - Part of dental team to Langue with Christian Medical & Dental Assoc.





Dr. Pfefferle and orphan

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Venezuela - Dr. Pfefferle was 1 of 4 dentists that took 25 dental students from MUSC, in Dental Community Fellowship ministry




Africa - (Part missionary team from Bayleaf Baptist Church)


I am standing with a "tribal dentist" from a Maasai Warrior Tribe.


Peru - Dr. Pfefferle spent a week on the Amazon River as part of a team from Children's Medical Ministries.



Dr. Pfefferle is a board member of the Christian Dental Society and the American Belarussian Relief Organization.

Dr. Kindrachuk is extremely active in the practice by providing many, many hours of dental care for the children from Belarus that visit the US during the summer as part of ABRO and Children of Chernobyl, and is a major contributor for dental students and staff members that wish to reach out to those who are less fortunate.

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